Hear and Guess. With LOG BOOK, listen to music and try to connect it with stories, pictures and characters. Can you convince the other players of your associations in order to accumulate points?

When a group of musicians open their rusty keyboard, they find a strange collection of pictures, weather reports, music and anecdotes. There are memories of strange animals, children at play, everyday hassles and praise for fantastic devices. Are the documents from the past or the future? How do the motifs relate to the music?

Let your imagination run wild. Can you convince the other players of  your associations between music and images in order to accumulate points?

LOG BOOK is a game for every age, for every music listener, from children to concert critics. A game about the power of imagination when listening to music and the freedom of interpretation.

Audio samples

80 Playing Cards
78 Original Tracks with 3 hours of Music in total
1 Rules Booklet

Deutsche Spielanleitung inklusive
Instructions de jeu en français incluses

Music, stories, cards: François Sarhan
Game conception: Clemens Hund-Göschel
Layout: otherportfolio.com Swami Silva
Music performance: Zafraan Ensemble